Graduate Teaching Assistant


August 2017 - Present | West Lafayette, IN

  • Instructed wireless fundamentals, system administration, and network engineering fundamentals labs of up to twenty students at a time
  • Graded lab reports
  • Assisted in troubleshooting and problem solving of lab issues




Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

January 2017- Present | West Lafayette, IN

  • One of Five Teaching Assistants in the Computer and Information Technology Department, One of Two Undergraduate Teaching Assistants
  • Instructed system administration labs of up to twenty students at a time
  • Graded lab reports
  • Assisted in troubleshooting and problem solving of system administration issues

Commercial IT Project Management Intern

May 2016 - August 2016 | Atlanta, GA

  • Managed the addition of the Power Conversion Services Parts business to the PC e-commerce solution by working with PC Services Parts team to define requirements and build design for the first phase. This involved running meetings with the developers and integration, getting design and requirements approved by the appropriate sources, and ensure all business requirements were met. The business benefit will be tied at $100,000 for the PC Services Parts E-Commerce initiative in 2016. 
  • Learned and assisted the with the design and build of the integration between the database and the ERP. This required mapping the fields of the Hybris and the ERP (Fusion SAP) together and participating in meetings with both teams to insure all information was clear.
  • Worked with Energy Connections HQ and Grid Solutions team to pilot and assess web analytics tool to provide more business insight to the e-commerce tool.
  • Lead the committee responsible for bonding of interns by scheduling at least 5 activities (virtual and in person) throughout the summer.


Senior Anti-Fraud Analyst

March 2015- Present | West Lafayette, IN

  • Responsible for detecting and analyzing cyber-crimes (Phishing, Pharming, Brand Abuse, Fraudulent Emails, etc.).
  • Taking prevention steps, terminating online frauds and performing computer forensic analysis.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of website structures and related authorities (ISP’s, Webhosting, Registrar, etc.)






Lab Assistant

August 2014- March 2015 | West Lafayette, IN

  • Answering questions about standard applications on the machines, printing, mail, PAL, etc.

  • Maintain the printers (clear jams, refill consumables, cancel problem jobs, and submit print refund requests)
  • Operate the labs (opening, closing, cleaning, monitoring equipment, and reporting problems)

IT Intern

May 2014- August 2014 | NOVI, MI

  • Assisted on software upgrades and implemented the updates
  • Purchased new technical equipment
  • Preserved the equipment to provide the best results
  • Oversaw troubleshooting issues and educated the employees on changes

Academic Resource Guide

November 2013- August 2014

As an academic resource guide I mentored students on academic probation. I lead students to get motivated to complete school work and get off of academic probation. I met with students bi-monthly and followed workbook activities with them and used interpersonal skills to coach them through difficult personal and academic times. Responsibilities included database tracking.