Margo Katherine Wilke Undergraduate Research

This project aims at collecting and analyzing data on available network and web resources for teaching and learning Russian as a second language. The project also investigates possible difficulties in accessing and using online resources for current and prospective students both in Russian and English speaking world (including, but not limited to: accessibility of wireless networking, network security, computer language coding problems, etc.)

Key words/ phrases: Russian language, Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Human Rights, Computer and information technology, Wireless network engineering

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Independent Study


Each country faces their own challenges that come with the environment that it is in and the terrain surrounding it, but this should not affect their health or education. Today, many countries have been lacking in wireless infrastructure based on their environmental weaknesses. This had lead to decreased efficiency in the education of students and advances in health, particularly in unindustrialized countries. The knowledge of wireless networks in environmental areas could be used for research in countries aboard and aid the American technology market in implementing better wireless networks in rural areas. 



1.     Describe the concept of energy-aware security mechanisms

2.     Describe the role of frequency reusing

3.     Describe the concept of geographical and content based routing

4.     Describe the challenges in implementing wireless networks in large, populated areas

5.     Describe the challenges in implementing wireless networks in adverse areas