While interning at GE during the summer of 2016, I was a mentee to one of the high school girls in the Girls Who Code Immersion Program. We had events where I gave her advice of choosing colleges, careering planning, and life- in general. 

I also was on the schedule/ planning committee for the GWC Graduation, and volunteered at multiple events throughout the summer. 

More information about the GWC Summer Immersion Program:


Polytechnic Ambassador | TechieRep

As a Purdue Polytechnic Ambassador, I participated in Purdue Polytechnic recruitment events. This included giving tours of the Knoy College of Technology building for groups of 10-45 prospective students and their families. I gave presentations and was a panelist on my experience at Purdue University and the opportunities given within the Purdue Polytechnic. I also served on a panel with 3 other women, talking about the importance about Women in STEM.

As a TechieRep, I went back to my high school, other high schools in the Metro Detroit area, and my classmates areas (Indiana and Illinois) and spoke to groups of 10-30 high schools students to recruit them for the Purdue Polytechnic  Institute.   


As an ITLP (Information Technology Leadership Program) Intern at GE in the summer of 2016, I served as the lead of the Inclusion Committee. The Inclusion Committee served to increase intern bonding through events. As lead, we planned 7 events on a $800 budget. I encouraged the other interns to volunteer for Girls Who Code and Books for Africa. We had a fun take on networking by celebrating Half Christmas (June 25th) by decorating our intern collaboration area with Christmas decorations and doing a secret sock Santa exchange with full time employees. This increase our relationships with the full-time employees in IT by bonding over our love of crazy socks. The interns also had a rocket league competition, Raspberry Pi demo, Movie Night, and playing Top Golf.

 After PR day at Orange Theory Fitness

After PR day at Orange Theory Fitness


Outside the world of technology, I have a passion for fitness. I have plans for get my 200 hour yoga certification, run a marathon, and hike Mount Kilimanjaro.